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Non-DRM WMA files are playable on an Android device; however, DRM-protected WMA files are not.  The WMA files from the OverDrive website are locked with DRM and are only for Windows devices (some can be sideloaded to PC-formatted Apple devices such as iPods and iPads).  You can read more about the 2 different file types and where they can be played here:

I'm sorry for the incovenience.  If you've downloaded a number of WMAs and want to return them early, you could do so by downloading them to a PC with OverDrive Media Console installed and deleting/returning them.

Please let us know if we can be of further assistance with this or anything else.


Bonnie/Reference Librarian

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  1. Some Android devices - Samsung devices in particular - CAN play DRM-protected WMA files.

    (Following instructions apply to Android v2.3 Gingerbread; other versions of the Android OS may differ slightly)

    From the phone's homescreen, tap the Menu button. Go to Settings -> Applications -> USB Settings. Choose "Media player" or "Ask on connection", then tap the Home button to exit the settings menu.

    Now, connect your phone to your PC via USB (If you chose "Ask on connection" above, you'll need to specify the "Media player" choice after you connect your phone to your PC.). Use the Overdrive Media Console software on your PC to transfer the book to your phone.
    by Brad on Jan 24, 2013.
  2. I am leaving these instructions here for others to try, but I'd like to note that I have tried this on a Verizon smartphone as well as on a Samsung Galaxy tab and was not successful. OverDrive's website (the company that provides the downloadable ebook/audiobooks service) only lists PC-formatted Apple, Creative, Coby, Sansa, Microsoft Zune, Samsung, and Sony devices as compatible with the WMAs they offer. See the complete list here: Librarian
    by Bonnie Brzozowski on Jan 25, 2013.

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