Answered By: Bonnie Brzozowski
Last Updated: Nov 21, 2017     Views: 17

I checked in with our Technology Manager and it looks like the reason for this (or, at least in the case of the Burgess Boys) is that the mobile app's "Quick Search" is only updated once a week. If an item has been added to our catalog within the last week, it will not show up in the Quick Search in the app. The Quick Search in the app is really just a snapshot of the catalog, but, if you use the "Keyword Search" in the app instead, you'll find that Burgess Boys does come up and this is due to the Keyword Search being a real time search rather than a copy of the database. Does that make sense?

It's also possible there are differences in the search algorithms used by the catalog on our website vs the catalog on the mobile app as both searches were created by two different companies. However, if you've got the title right, it should find the item you are looking for in both places. To be sure you don't miss newer titles, you could use Keyword Search every time you search using the app.

Please let me know if you have any questions about this or if you're seeing greater discrepancies than this may explain. Thanks so much for your feedback - it's incredibly helpful to us!

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