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Good question!  I enjoy historical fiction too, but have not read anything set in the Soviet Union.   I searched our catalog and our Novelist database (a great source for finding fiction; look for it alphabetically on that page I just linked to).   I used search terms like:  Russia - history - fiction,  Soviet Union - history - fiction, Perestroika - fiction, glasnost - fiction.   I didn't find any Doctor Zhivago-like books of the fall of the Soviet Union, but I did find some that are set or at least partially set during that time.  I've listed them below, with links to our catalog.


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Martin Cruz Smith writes a mystery suspense series set in the Moscow.  The series started in 1981 with Gorky Park, so before the fall of the Soviet Union.   But  the 3rd book in the series - Red Square - is set against the backdrop of the fall of the Soviet Union.  Technically this is not historical fiction since it was written in the time period it was set.  Currently we only have an ebook copy  Red Square, but I will reorder a print copy.

For more suspense fiction, John LeCarre's The Russia House is set in waning days of the Soviet Union.

A hero's daughter by Andrei Makine - Set in the Soviet Union from World War II until the early 1990s, A Hero's Daughter portrays the rise and decline of the Soviet Union through the story of Ivan Dimitrovich Davidov and his family.

Leaving Katya by Paul Greenberg is a romance about an American exchange student in Leningrad in the early 90s who falls in love with a Russian woman

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