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The oldest book we have on baseball stadiums is from 1991, so we may not have the book you are thinking of any longer. Here is a link to the oldest book we have on baseball stadiums (1991): All other books we have on this topic were published in the 2000s.

I'm afraid there really isn't enough detail for me to search further. Here's a link to an Amazon search of all books published before January 1990 that involve baseball stadiums: Here's a link to a search on WorldCat (a catalog of holdings of libraries around the world) of books about baseball stadiums that were published between 1980-1989: Perhaps you will recognize the book in one of these searches.

If you can recall any other specifics, please get back with us. The appearance of the book doesn't really provide us with much to go on, but an author or publisher name or some other specific piece of info (e.g. maybe you remember the foreword was written by a specific famous ball player) that we can search for may get us closer to an answer.

I hope this information is helpful. Thanks for contacting us.

Bonnie/Reference Librarian

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